Ken Auto Japan Running And Updating The Record For SUGO Race.



I performed the shakedown of the new machine of this year today.
I started running and updating the record, although the sixth lap is unofficial.
After beginning to catch the key point of the machine, and pushing it a little, the machine react for me more.

I think that the time of SUGO may say that 100 seconds (1m40sec) are the standards of the challenge for any car. It was the first of the season more than expected.
I can still squeeze the minimum weight, too, and there is room in others still more, too.

It is about to finally reach the 100 second level as a target. The driving movies can not be recorded forget the unfortunate SD card. The first run of season tends to have such trouble. . . Let’s be good because I think it is not a machine trouble. I think that course-record of SUGO may be updated on 8 April or 9 April. I am looking forward to the SUGO race it now.


“MX – 5 RF” won the German “red dot of 2017: Best of the Best Award”.

I’m going to introduce to you a very good news about ” Roadster RF ” released last December (2016) in December!
“MX – 5 RF” which is a retractable hardtop model of “MX – 5 (Japan name: Roadster)” is now accepting the 2017 Red Dot Award: One of the most prestigious design awards in the world, I received the Best of the Best award (hereinafter referred to as “Best of the Best”) in design.
“Best of the Best Award” is the highest prize in the Red Dot Award Product Design Division and is given to particularly important industrial products. The MX-5 has won this award in the software top model in 2015, and it is awarded for both retractable hard top and both models.
Mr. Maeda Shuuo, who is in charge of Mazda’s design and brand style, stated in this way when he won the award.
“We challenged the new direction of the MX – 5 in the MX – 5 RF, which was created by a team and engineers to design and production technology, as well as between designers, more than ever before. I would like to enjoy this award with everyone involved with the car. ”
The Red Dot Award is a design award, sponsored by Germany’s Design Zentrum Northeim Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia Design Center) with a history of about 60 years.
From the industrial products in a wide range of categories not limited to automobiles applied from all over the world, it was judged based on nine criteria such as design innovation, functionality, ergonomics, and the “Red Dot Award” awarded for high quality design In addition to the highest-ranked “Best Of The Best Award” among them, there are special prizes such as “Owarabe Mentions Award”. This year’s awards ceremony will be held in Essen, Germany, on July 3rd.
At Mazda, a hatchback model of “Mazda 6 (Japan name: Mazda Atenza)” in 2013, a hatchback model of “Mazda 3 (Japan name: Mazda Axela)” in 2014, “Mazda CX – 3″ in 2015 is ” Red Dot Award ” In addition, in 2015 “Mazda 2 (Japan name: Mazda Demio)” received the “Owarrabe Mentions Award” and “Mazda MX – 5” received the “Best of the Best Award”.

Mazda Roadster NB hub bearing exchange.

NB hub bearing exchange:

It’s a vehicle that carries out sports driving. When I was running on the circuit, there was a strange rattling sound coming from the suspension. The bearings were rattling.

In race sports driving, as the grip of the tire is getting up year by year, the power input to the car is steadily increasing. People who do not run on the circuit also think that it is better to check rotor and exchanged them.

Although the new rotor that has just been sent is breathtaking and does not feel as a waste of anything, but it is good to get familiar with pads and rotors if you are in a rush you can use sandpaper around 100 grade to smooth the roto before installing!

Although the story will change, this season, the machine to participate in the Roadster Cup has been completed! Since I will be involved in the NA 6 class, I would appreciate your favor.

I tried designing the Roadster with some of the race course in mind some of the race courses are the Fuji Speedway and Sports land SUGO course. I was thinking while watching the map, which it’d be nice if I grew to races at Okayama and Suzuka, which will be held throughout the country of Japan.

World’s First “Mazda Grand Prix” Held

The “Mazda Grand Prix” where only the Mazda RC car participates is held in the world for the first time.

“Mazda Grand Prix” is a race performed with only the Mazda car’s RC car, and three types of RC cars, Demio, Roadster and RX-7, are eligible for participation. Mr. Tamiya and Mazda sympathized with manufacturing aspirations for manufacturing, and it became a new era of the world’s first exhibition.
The race is warmly enveloped from the preparation stage, and everyone in the race is challenged with a serious look. The viewing area is also gathering for a wide range of generations.

“There is pleasure to get hooked.”

“I would like to drive a real RX – 7 in the future,” he told me about his future dream.

“We want to share the same emotions and time with customers. Since themselves also do the customers the same preparation from the stage of preparation, we can do an accurate advice at the venue.”
Before talks about this dwelling Is always communicating with customers even during the event, and laughter is constant in the booth.

After the “RC car experience corner” is over, it is customary to check the RC car that Tamiya’s staff all used at the event. Efforts are being made to make it easier for beginners to see what parts of the RC car are fragile and what kind of place the customer feels confused.

The event is full of enthusiasm and smile, realizing the common “Rubber cars and cars” commitment to manufacturing, “pleasure sharing the same time with people around you” and “pleasure to touch and maneuver by yourself” It was an event to do.

We also decided to produce the new type “CX-5” at Hofu factory.


Mazda has decided to produce the new crossover SUV “Mazda CX -5” currently being produced at the headquarters plant in the Hofu factory (Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture) from November this year. By doing so, we will strengthen our flexible and speedy response to the global demand for SUVs.
In response to the request for Mazda to achieve a global sales volume of 1.65 million units outlined in the medium-term management plan “Structural Reform Stage 2” (Fiscal Year 2017 – the fiscal year 2019) according to demand, We are working to build a system that can flexibly produce. As part of that, in December last year (2016), we began production of the compact crossover SUV “Mazda CX 3” at the Hofu factory in addition to the head office facility.
The new CX-5, which started selling in Japan this February, has sold 16,639 units, which is about seven times the monthly sales plan number in about a month from the sale and has received high popularity from customers.

“Following” CX-3 “, we also plan to produce” CX-5 “at Hofu to further strengthen the inter-factory / inter-vehicle flexible production system and request customer’s crossover vehicles we will do our best to respond more quickly to you.”

A new type “CX-5” pursuing the desired performance and beautiful proportions. Kodama (Kodama) Development Chief Investigator and Yuyama (Isayama) Chief Designer will talk about the feelings that he put into this car.
Mazda will continue to enrich its customers’ lives through various contact points with customers and aim to become a brand with individual bonds with their clients.

Mazda CX – 9 received the Car of the Year 2017 from Australia’s leading magazine “Wheels”!


Do you know Mazda car CX – 9?

If it is neither CX – 3 nor CX – 5. A seven-person large crossover SUV that is selling in some areas such as the USA and Australia. That is CX – 9. In the area where it sells, it is positioned as the highest grade model of Mazda vehicles.

CX – 9 has won the Car of the Year 2017 from “Wheels” which is one of Australia’s most influential automobile magazines! Following last year’s 4th generation MX-5 (Japan name: Roadster), I have been elected for the second consecutive year.
Wheels’ Car of the Year is a historical award that continues from 1963.

For the new model introduced in Australia in 2016, evaluating function, technology, fuel economy, safety, price, etc., it decides the best one. The CX-9 was selected as the final candidate three models along with “Mercedes Benz E Class” and “Audi A 4” and was elected Car of the Year. I am honored to be acknowledged that the CX – 9 was chosen as one of the most excellent one, with evaluation by the famous world famous cars.

The SUV awards have been since 2004 ‘Ford Territory.’ As a reason for choosing CX – 9, Mr. Inwood, acting as Editor – in – Chief of Wheels, “A car that provides a high level of luxury, sophistication, and rides.What it is wonderful, the large SUV with this level of power performance is rarely, the car of the year Australia’s family will be crazy about this car. ”

This is Wheels’ Car of the Year, Mazda is the eighth award winner.
We have received this award the second most among manufacturers worldwide.
As you can see, the cars that colorize the history of Mazda are sliding.

· 1989: Mazda MX-5 (Japan name: Roadster) · 1992: Mazda 626 (Japan name: Capella)· 2003: Mazda MX-5 (Japan name: Familia)
· 1983: Mazda 626 (Japan name: Capella)
· 1989: RX-8 Mazda -2005: 3 generations of Mazda MX-5 (Japan name: Roadster) – 2016: the fourth generation Mazda MX-5 (Japan name: Roadster), 2017: Mazda CX-9

With the gratitude to everyone who supports the Mazda car, we will continue to make vehicles full of the joy of running.

And finally … Although it is CX – 9 which is seen only abroad, it is currently exhibited at the first-floor lobby of the Mazda Hiroshima headquarters! (Exhibited until May 9, 2017)