Experience Mazda “Theme Park” Open Day 2017.

Based on this feeling, Mazda Open Day 2017 was held on June 3rd and 4th. We invited you to the vicinity of the local Hiroshima head office, where more than 2,000 people visited us.

An open day, there was plenty of hospitality by handsome employees and hands-on events, exhibitions, etc. that you can enjoy with your family happiness. In this blog, we will introduce mainly experiential events.

In the head office lobby, the staff greeted everyone at the popular cars and illustration exhibitions of former years restored by employees, such as “Cosmo Sports” and “R 360” of the 50th anniversary of the birth.

This is what was drawn in the early 1990’s. Please enjoy the world of dreams and romance with the heart of a designer like a boy who will never change forever.

Here, we introduce the Mazda’s history of monozukuri’s history, wisdom and artistic improvement work gathered in the exhibition and video.

This experience is an experience of striking Mazda’s three-dimensional brand mark using an aluminum mold and hammer.

With the lock of the seat belt and the spreading of the airbag, there was no actual influence on the body, and I was able to feel the importance of the collision performance and the importance of the seat belt again.

What is surprising when I touch the clay model is its firmness. When you knock with your fingers, “Kokotsukotsu” will sound like a dry sound.

When making a clay model, warm this clay with a dedicated heater to soften it, then serve it on the skeleton, then scrape it to prepare the shape. Like the photo, the warm clay is definable.

Clay modeler takes the role of three-dimensionally rendering the image that the designer envisioned using industries.

I was able to feel the fact that Mazda was able to see and see the high formability “Master’s skill” cultivated in the history of its design, with a challenge purely making sense of life crisp, not caught by the shape of the car.

In the Kids Maintenance and Painting Experience, where the same joint as the Mazda mechanic and expertise painting work using car inspection and airbrush.

There are plenty of events that will make memories of your family, such as demonstration of a masterpiece painting, key holder production and exhibition of race cars.

Mazda will continue to enrich our customers’ lives through various contact points with customers and aim to become a brand with individual bonds with their clients.