Introducing the latest technology! “Technology exhibition for people and vehicles 2017”

This is an automotive technology exhibition for engineers who are active at the forefront of the automobile industry, which has been held every year since 1992 (organized by the Public Utility Association of Automotive Engineering Society).This year event took place from 24th to 26th May 2017.
We will report the situation of the Mazda booth from the exhibition “Technology Exhibition of people and vehicles 2017″ exhibited by exhibitors at the latest technology.

This year’s venue is here, Pacifico Yokohama. The first thing I found is ” Quick Corrosion Resistance Evaluation Method ” introduced in blogs the other day.  For the first time at this event, it was released to the general public.
At the venue, Mr. Teruaki Asada of Mazda Technology Institute, who was in charge of commentary on the blog, corresponded as an explanatory person. We demonstrated the test for visitors, and I was able to see it by many people.

When I asked the person in charge of the material of the parts maker when I was looking at the parts, “I was concerned about the technology because I can overwhelmingly shorten the examination time. I think that it is temporary. ”

The only car exhibition at the Mazda booth is ” New CX-5 “. It is a crossover SUV that deepens “pleasure to run” in all areas with the keyword “SUV to make everyone ride with a smile” including not only the driver but also passengers. Because it was just released in February this year, there may have been many people who saw it for the first time.

We exhibited at the technology exhibition, Mazda’s unique water-based paint technology ” Aquatec paint ” We introduced environmental-friendly Mazda painting technology using painted plates of various colors.

In particular, the newly developed body color “Soul Red Crystalline Metallic” introduced from the new CX – 5 was a focus of attention.
By further evolving the traditional “Soul Red Premium Metallic” and increasing the vividness of the highlights and the depth of the shade, we have realized a more fresh, vibrant and transparent sense of “red.”

And, a new generation vehicle motion control technology “G – Vectoring Control (G – Vectoring Control)” that improves the handling stability of the car. Although it may be difficult to hear “Vehicle motion control technology,” development officials explain in an easy-to-understand manner on the official blog. I definitely want to see it, and I want to experience it! If you are, please do not hesitate to visit our store.

Over 90,687 people visited the “People and Car Technology Exhibition 2017” in 3 days, and many visited the Mazda booth.



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