Japan Roadster Karuizawa meeting 2017

The beautiful day On May 28, 2017 (Sunday), owners of Roadster gathered from home and abroad, “Karuizawa Meeting 2017″ (Hosted by Karuizawa Meeting Executive Committee) was held.

It is the largest in Japan as a single model meeting. It continued all the time since the first event that took place in 1993, and it seems that it has reached the 25th time this year! This year, 1,976 participants and 1,064 Roadsters (NA type to ND type) were gathered.
What is the appeal of this event? We will report from the scene that was wrapped in hot air.

From the early morning when the fog remains, the volunteer staff is ready. When the event open at 8 o’clock, the Roadster started to roll in the parking lot, the Roadster gathered from all over the country is waiting for the gates to be open.

And at 8 o’clock. Roadsters were traveling to the parking lot to the main venue. It seems that the car park was crowded is buried with the excitement of cars.

There was children race for children under five years old. The parents were watching, the audience and the smile of the onlookers the kid’s race were fun. Mr. Takada Mito (Mr. Takada) (4 years old) who participated in the meeting from the family from Shizuoka was this year’s winner.

This is a Roadster (NA type) with reprinted parts. It is an exhibition car equipped with a soft top and a tire which was restored by the supplier’s cooperation and preparation for supply began. Everyone is also curious. We listen to Yamamoto Osamuhiro of the Roadster Ambassador and the talk show by Mazda restore team members, enthusiastically fill in the questionnaire about the restore relation, and expect the customer ‘s desire to ride long in the great Roadster attaching attachment ” It was a scene I felt as shy. Mazda employees will continue their efforts to make the meet that expectation!

1 million unit commemorative car exhibited, thanks to Roadster who achieved cumulative production of 1 million units
in 2016.
Introduction from the Philippines This year, members of the Philippine fan club “Miata Club Philippines” also participated! It seems that was during the club ‘s 20th-anniversary tour. Some people are surprised that “I have never seen plenty of Roadstar gathered together.” In the Philippines, some fans purchased parts that can not be obtained and later left the venue.

Overlooking the place, although it’s all roadsters, no car looks the same. There were many cars full of personality. It was a warm event that I felt love for Roadster, so I realized that it has been continuing for 25 years.