“Thailand Super Series”. Mazda 2 SKYACTIV – D won the class for the first time in Thailand ‘s best motor sports.


The first and second races of the “Thailand Super Series” were held on Saturday, April 29th (Sat) and Sunday 30th (Sunday) at the Charn International Circuit in Buriram Province in northeastern Thailand.

MST has been participating in this “Thailand Super Series” since 2013 and has been participating in the current model Mazda 2 SKYACTIV-D since 2015. Last year (2015) I participated as a reference run on the regulation of the race because it was a diesel engine. And last year (2016) we have gained the second overall annual team achievement, such as steadily improving our ability as a team and increasing our cohesiveness.

In the meantime, since this year, Mana Porn Silicheld (Thailand) player who has extensive experience in cross country rally and two-wheel road race is greeted as a new driver and will be celebrating the fifth year as a driver of MST this year Michael Freeman (Australia) We are ready to organize tags with players.

As a result, in the second race held on the 30th (Sunday), we decided the one-time finish and changed to the current Mazda 2 SKYACTIV-D, we were able to achieve the class winning for the first time.

In the qualifying on Friday, Friday, Mana players who ride Mazda 2 of the 43rd car as Mazda 2 of the 43rd as a diesel car got the top time, and Michael was second in the qualifying session. Mazda 2 monopolized the front row of the first grid smart grid.

Mana athletes were outstanding vehicle control ability, despite machines which only showed about a few times before the race, they perceived the vehicle characteristics and attracted attention to the line picking which is not disturbed even once during the race at the cornering.

The first leg of the 29th (Saturday), after the start Mana athletes (No. 43 car) lead in the opening section. Michael player (No. 55) made a fierce battle with Ford Fiesta 3rd place, and it was a wonderful race development.

However, from the middle of the race, Mazda 2 has an engine oil temperature rise higher than expected, and ECU control has been activated to protect the engine, speeding down. Although it allowed the Fiesta to go ahead, mana player got second place, Michael got third place and secured the podium.

In the second round of the 30th (Sunday), Mana at the second place is the fourth grid, Michael of the third place starts at the third grid.

Immediately after the start, when I tried to get out of the 5th start Fiesta in the 1st corner, I contacted Toyota Vios with the 2nd start. Suspension was greatly damaged and retired. Michael stood at the top and went on to race development where mana athletes continued. I decided the one-time finish as it was without leaving the following two Honda jazz at all.

Through the first and second races, it became a race to appeal the strength of Mazda 2 SKYACTIV-D. Thank you very much for your support. The next race is in early July. The team is already preparing for the next time and we will aim for the podium next time! We will do my best to resolve to support the results that meet your expectations!


Author: kenautojapan.com

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