Demio” · “Roadster” paper craft, original design contest will be implemented!

I’d like to ride this car coloring car”, ” I would like to draw illustrations like my own cars” etc. … I would like you to paint your dream carefully and feel the fun of making things. From such feelings, we will implement “Original Design Contest” at Wonder School * 1! This contest was also conducted in 2015 – 2016, and was a popular project.

Cooperative work with parents and children as well as small children are greatly appreciated. Furthermore, adults can participate. I think that you can feel the importance of having a dream and the pleasures of manufacturing of painting car coloring on a paper craft with free thought.

There are 2 types of application courses, “Open Course” (3rd grade elementary school student) and “junior course” (elementary grade 2nd grade or under) according to target age. The designer who handles the actual car of Mazda does the judgment of the entry work!

In the “Open Course”, three particularly outstanding works were designated as “Good Design Award”, and an electric RC (radio control) car (production cooperation: which faithfully reproduced the design of the entry work was presented I will! Also, we will invite you to “Factory Tour” at Mazda Head Office (Hiroshima Prefecture).

In addition, you can download the paper craft, paper from the Mazda official site. Also, for a limited time (acceptance period: until July 5), we are distributing the mounts processed so that the cut lines are easily cut off by mail.

“Demio” · “Roadster” Paper Craft original design contest overview

  1. Duration: April 25 (Tuesday) to July 9 (Sunday) from 2017 2)
    Eligibility: Those who live in Japan (no age limit)
    2. Application method: Paper crafts mount we obtain, submissions to the captured image or video, posted the data at the same site
    3. Winning item (by course): “open course” (age: elementary school three or more grades), Good design Award (3 points), Good luck prize (3 points) “Junior course” * 4 (target age: less than 2nd grade elementary school students), best grammar (3 points) In addition, 5 points drawing from both course entries (except winning works).

Mazda will continue to enrich its customers’ lives through various contact points with customers and aim to become a brand with special bonds with customers.



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