A commemorative car commemorating the production of 1 million units of roadster returned to the headquarters.

The cumulative production of the Mazda Roadster (overseas name: MX-5), a two-seater open sports car, will be exhibited at a fan event around the world over the course of one year, with the cumulative production of 1 million units, Hiroshima I returned to Mazda headquarters in Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, prefecture.

In order to share the pleasure that “Roadster” was able to achieve the cumulative production volume of 1 million units with the owners and fans all over the world and to inform you of the support we have received, In nine countries *, 35 fan events, and signed in to the fans of more than 10,000 fans in the body.

“Roadster” cumulative production of 1 million units attaining the return of the memorial car, the chief designer and chief designer Nakayama Masashi Nakayama of the 4th generation “Roadster” said, “Looking at the numerous signs written on this memorial car, “For over a quarter of a century has been supported by various fans across countries, cultures and generations. The car that symbolizes Mazda’s joy of driving, with the appreciation of those people in mind, as we call it culture, we will continue to challenge the next 2 million units. ”

“Roadster” cumulative production of 1 million vehicles Memorial vehicles participated in a comprehensive flower parade of Hiroshima Prefecture’s largest celebration “2017 Hiroshima Flower Festival” held on May 3 (Wednesday), May 8th (May) to May 12 (Friday) will be exhibited in the showroom on the 1st floor of the Mazda head office.

Mazda will continue to promote efforts to value the history and car culture that have been accumulated with customers, enrich our customers’ lives through various contact points, and become a brand with special bonds with customers we will continue to aim.

In the official blog, we introduce the information about the commemorative car which achieves 1 million units of roadster production.


Author: kenautojapan.com

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