“MX – 5 RF” was chosen as “the most valuable car with price” in Atlanta, USA.

We were glad to introduce you the happy news from the United States the other day! North America Mazda is pleased to announce that the retractable hard top model “MX-5 RF” (Japan name: Mazda Roadster RF) of “MX-5 (Japan name: Mazda Roadster)” is registered as Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association GAAMA) to be sponsored by 2017 “Best ‘Bang for the Buck’ (the most valuable car with price)”.

“Best ‘Bang for the Buck'” is one of the seven awards GAAMA wins at the Atlanta International Auto Show. From the latest models of that year, the cars evaluated as worth over the price are selected from the perspective of Atlanta’s customer’s point of view, from the viewpoint of performance, traveling comfort, safety, technology, etc.

“MX-5 RF is a genuine and reachable sports car just as MX-5 has been doing,” said GAAMA President / Selection Committee Christopher Lawrence. It was. “MX – 5 RF” inherits the thought of “close to the pleasures of open car” aimed at the predecessor model. A liquid form that employs a distinctive “fastback” style, a beautiful flowing opening and closing operation and realization of roof opening and closing time of 10 seconds, adopting the gasoline engine “SKYACTIV – G 2.0” We are challenging further evolution of the roadster, open car, such as the pursuit of running.

Mazda’s development team says, “I’d like to deliver more pleasure to drive open cars to everyone,” that cars created by my thoughts got such an award, which the open cars can be felt familiar I am filled with gratitude. If “MX – 5 RF (Japan name: Roadster RF)” can deliver happiness to many people, even people, I’m jubilant if you feel that you can open car.

From now to early summer, it is a fun season for a drive while feeling the wind with an open car! Enjoying the sense of unity with the wind while feeling soft sunshine in the early summer, going around a little and choosing a beautiful way of night view. Why don’t you feel the great pleasure of running while feeling the wind?


Author: kenautojapan.com

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