“MX – 5 RF” won the German “red dot of 2017: Best of the Best Award”.

I’m going to introduce to you a very good news about ” Roadster RF ” released last December (2016) in December!
“MX – 5 RF” which is a retractable hardtop model of “MX – 5 (Japan name: Roadster)” is now accepting the 2017 Red Dot Award: One of the most prestigious design awards in the world, I received the Best of the Best award (hereinafter referred to as “Best of the Best”) in design.
“Best of the Best Award” is the highest prize in the Red Dot Award Product Design Division and is given to particularly important industrial products. The MX-5 has won this award in the software top model in 2015, and it is awarded for both retractable hard top and both models.
Mr. Maeda Shuuo, who is in charge of Mazda’s design and brand style, stated in this way when he won the award.
“We challenged the new direction of the MX – 5 in the MX – 5 RF, which was created by a team and engineers to design and production technology, as well as between designers, more than ever before. I would like to enjoy this award with everyone involved with the car. ”
The Red Dot Award is a design award, sponsored by Germany’s Design Zentrum Northeim Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia Design Center) with a history of about 60 years.
From the industrial products in a wide range of categories not limited to automobiles applied from all over the world, it was judged based on nine criteria such as design innovation, functionality, ergonomics, and the “Red Dot Award” awarded for high quality design In addition to the highest-ranked “Best Of The Best Award” among them, there are special prizes such as “Owarabe Mentions Award”. This year’s awards ceremony will be held in Essen, Germany, on July 3rd.
At Mazda, a hatchback model of “Mazda 6 (Japan name: Mazda Atenza)” in 2013, a hatchback model of “Mazda 3 (Japan name: Mazda Axela)” in 2014, “Mazda CX – 3″ in 2015 is ” Red Dot Award ” In addition, in 2015 “Mazda 2 (Japan name: Mazda Demio)” received the “Owarrabe Mentions Award” and “Mazda MX – 5” received the “Best of the Best Award”.

Author: kenautojapan.com

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