World’s First “Mazda Grand Prix” Held

The “Mazda Grand Prix” where only the Mazda RC car participates is held in the world for the first time.

“Mazda Grand Prix” is a race performed with only the Mazda car’s RC car, and three types of RC cars, Demio, Roadster and RX-7, are eligible for participation. Mr. Tamiya and Mazda sympathized with manufacturing aspirations for manufacturing, and it became a new era of the world’s first exhibition.
The race is warmly enveloped from the preparation stage, and everyone in the race is challenged with a serious look. The viewing area is also gathering for a wide range of generations.

“There is pleasure to get hooked.”

“I would like to drive a real RX – 7 in the future,” he told me about his future dream.

“We want to share the same emotions and time with customers. Since themselves also do the customers the same preparation from the stage of preparation, we can do an accurate advice at the venue.”
Before talks about this dwelling Is always communicating with customers even during the event, and laughter is constant in the booth.

After the “RC car experience corner” is over, it is customary to check the RC car that Tamiya’s staff all used at the event. Efforts are being made to make it easier for beginners to see what parts of the RC car are fragile and what kind of place the customer feels confused.

The event is full of enthusiasm and smile, realizing the common “Rubber cars and cars” commitment to manufacturing, “pleasure sharing the same time with people around you” and “pleasure to touch and maneuver by yourself” It was an event to do.


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