We also decided to produce the new type “CX-5” at Hofu factory.


Mazda has decided to produce the new crossover SUV “Mazda CX -5” currently being produced at the headquarters plant in the Hofu factory (Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture) from November this year. By doing so, we will strengthen our flexible and speedy response to the global demand for SUVs.
In response to the request for Mazda to achieve a global sales volume of 1.65 million units outlined in the medium-term management plan “Structural Reform Stage 2” (Fiscal Year 2017 – the fiscal year 2019) according to demand, We are working to build a system that can flexibly produce. As part of that, in December last year (2016), we began production of the compact crossover SUV “Mazda CX 3” at the Hofu factory in addition to the head office facility.
The new CX-5, which started selling in Japan this February, has sold 16,639 units, which is about seven times the monthly sales plan number in about a month from the sale and has received high popularity from customers.

“Following” CX-3 “, we also plan to produce” CX-5 “at Hofu to further strengthen the inter-factory / inter-vehicle flexible production system and request customer’s crossover vehicles we will do our best to respond more quickly to you.”

A new type “CX-5” pursuing the desired performance and beautiful proportions. Kodama (Kodama) Development Chief Investigator and Yuyama (Isayama) Chief Designer will talk about the feelings that he put into this car.
Mazda will continue to enrich its customers’ lives through various contact points with customers and aim to become a brand with individual bonds with their clients.


Author: kenautojapan.com

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