M2 Special Editions

Facelift Mazda MX-5 (Australia)

A small range of Miata units were assembled by the M2 Incorporated. Founded in November 1991, M2, also known as “Mazda Too”, was Mazda’s new off-line planning / niche-house / Research & Development company back in the early ’90s. The M2 Corp. employees had noble intentions — creating niche-mobiles derived from Mazda’s volume products. Although M2’s basic mission involved focusing on the “soft” aspects of vehicle design in an attempt to create more specifically targeted niche variants, the changes to the off-line cars would go well beyond mere cosmetics.

M2-1002 Vintage Roadster (Nov-92) Limited 1/300 M2-CORP released its second Roadster in late 1992, with a slightly different front bumper but all the same items as the previous 1001 Roadster. This one did not do as well as the 1001.

M2-1028 Street Competition Roadster (Feb-94) Limited 1/300 M2-CORP released its third Roadster in early 1994, based on the original “Jinba Ittai” concept made by Toshihiko Hirai. This was billed as a track-ready Roadster. (The US saw a cheaper version known as the R-Package.) Offered in Chaste White or Brilliant Black only, this Roadster used the new 1.8L powerplant with upgraded pistons, camshafts, and other similar goodies as the previous 1001 and 1002. This Roadster had an output of close to 150 bhp (110 kW), and included 14″ Eunos Factory Rims with a unique gunmetal paint with polished lip. The only real changes were a new set of lightweight side mirrors, MOMO Steering Wheel, Centerless console, racing seats, racing tow hook, a set of lower lip spoilers (R-Package), and a newly designed “Duck-Tail” trunk lid with integrated spoiler. The M2-1028 trunk lid was made from aluminum and weighed only 7.7 lb (3.5 kg), a very light weight from the original lid of 15.5 lb (7.0 kg). It also came with a 6-point roll cage, but no soft-top, instead featuring a tarp that stretched over the cage. With optional FRP Hardtop with plexiglass rear window for more weight savings coming in at only 19 lb (8.6 kg).

Heading the M2 operation was Mr. Masakatsu Kato, original father of the Miata (Eunos Roadster) in Japan, as well as creator of several Mazda concept vehicles. Kato-san was assisted by Hirotaka Tachibana, development engineer responsible for the superb dynamics of the FC (second-generation RX-7) and the NA Roadster (Miata MX-5). M2 Corp. was based out of Tokyo, Japan. M2-Corp was a 100% owned subsidiary of Mazda, and it was closed by Mazda in 1995. Mazda kept a similar program going with the Mazdaspeed vehicles, and then in the late ’90s Mazdaspeed was absorbed into Mazda as a subsidiary company in Mazda Auto Tokyo. There were many types of M2 branded vehicles between 1991 and 1995, beginning with the 1001 up to the 1031 Cafe Racer (Dec-91).


Summer of Roadster 2016/08/15 at SUGO


I had very good time at the Mazda Roadster event on August 15, 2016. I let people that have not driven into a Roadster have the experience of sitting in the passenger seat and I drive around the SUGO racetrack two times. The passengers had a very good time for their first time some of the passenger requests that I take them around the racetrack more than one time. I got to meet many Mazda fans at the SUGO Racetrack, the children have a very good time too, driving in the passenger seat. I would like to also share with you the 360 video recording that I made for the Mazda Roadster fans.

Mazda Female Race Drivers


Project “to promote the” success of women in Motorsport” Mazda Women in Motorsport Project 2016 training of” was carried out over two months between May to June at Mazda Mine Proving Ground.

Same as last year, in the training on how to drive Mazda car “Mazda Roadster NR-A” of Motorsports-based vehicle, Keiko Ihara racing driver is a project leader is served as a trainer.

Ihara-san has also served as Asia representative committee of the FIA the project, supports the success of women in Asia as well as through this project Japan only.

In this time of training, the eight women were elected as the two graduating class of course, in addition to one graduating class continuing members of, came from Thailand as a special guest.

Had participated in “Mazda Sales (Thailand)” belongs racer, Ploy’s (18 years old). In Thailand of race series “Mazda2 (Japanese name: Demio)” has been played in ^^

Step up from Driving Academy. “Run, it is a universal language”

“Roadster want kana? Movement to do this,” I speak to have been and found the feeling of the car, 2 graduating class of Yamamoto (Yamamoto)’s.

Driving lessons “Be a driver. Mazda Driving Academy “participate in your own roadster. Basic class for beginners, through the participation in the advanced class that you step up, joined in this project.

Yamamoto says originally it’s like the bike. About two years Toka, I’ve been around the circuit on a motorcycle in Europe. I felt in such is, itself is that it’s a universal language that run.

In this training, seems to have realized and the people of Ploy’s and team of drivers that are participating from Thailand, that the feeling each other through over the wall of the culture and language through that run!

“Anywhere in the world, there are a variety of meetings in the circuit. To pursue the world outside of work is not a simple profit and loss that he learns, because I feel a joy to grow. In order to exceed the now of their own is, the important is dedication, it is the importance of overlaying the forgetful steady effort every day, reminds us to run. ”

As a parent, I want to tell a “thing of importance to implant in earnest” in children

2 graduating class of Kurokawa (Kurokawa) Ms. Talent who has won three consecutive champions from participation the first year in the Women’s League of the drift events of the world’s best “D1 GRAND PRIX SERIES”.

“My father is a large bus driver. Stop perfect for a big car in the white line. Grew up at the sight of such a father, taught me was to imitate gripping the handle from a young age. The joy of the car in the first was the father. For the car and the culture of motor sports development, I think, it is not important that adults convey the appeal to children. ”

Once is Kurokawa, who had to leave the world of drift, but know this project when I wanted to show up to work in earnest to children, it seems to have raised their hands.

“Through my appearance, I want to tell that the” important thing implanted in earnest “to children. It is in order to achieve anything good. Their goals, both as a hobby at work, is the person who Uchikomeru really have a vision I wanted. For this reason also continue my efforts to, I want to aim to No. 1 on the road to capitalize their own flavor. ”

Student makes sense to participate “to think of it, to be examined experience, lead to a single”

This year, aims to the involvement in motor sport other than the driver, “research student” is also participating.

How can I support a woman to be active in motor sports, in order to take advantage in the specialized field of knowledge and experience as a driver, I was hit to research the theme while participating in the training.

In order to participate, speak and just cancel the automatic transmission limit of the driver’s license, Ohara sports Food Advisor (Ohara)’s.

“The first thing is that could not be understood, can now image by to experience the actual race environment in training. Believe in yourself, be examined experience, there is a feeling that leads to a single. Woman driver to grasp the point that worries and hardships faced, I want to find what kind of support is needed in terms of both physical and mental. ”

Participating members of the eating habits of records and physical condition of the questionnaire, such as measurement of pulse rate and body temperature before and after practice, we do not have another idea for the data collection. Facing with the new nine of all women are car seriously, was an effort to single-minded

As a driver aiming for the big stage, in addition to the improvement of driving skills also figure to overcome the weak consciousness growth was visible. 2 graduating class of subscribers is a major stimulus to one graduating class, is like has made a big growth that also 1 graduating class to train together.

In the future, one graduating class 2 graduating class both, Mazda will support “Roadster Party race three”, is competing plans to race, such as “Mazda fan Endurance (pine resistance)”. By all means support thank you!


Ken Auto Number Plate Bolt

The Ken Auto Number Plate Bolt, is designed by Ken Auto Company with the Mazda Roadster driver in mind. The design is based on the engine piston, of the Mazda Roadster engine. Ken Auto Number Plate Bolt, is made from polished anodized aluminum, there are five colors that you can choose from, and they are red, gold, blue, black, green, and silver. The Number Plate Bolt can be used on any car to hold the license plate in perfect condition. If in case that Ken Auto is out of stock, it will take approximately three weeks to be made and deliver to you. Please choose the color that you would like and make your order.

Racing Equipment that you will need for Car Racing.

In order for you to compete in the legal car race, you will have to have these racing equipment, I would like to introduce you to some of the most necessary equipment.

1) Helmet







2) Racing Suits (Flame-resistant racing suit)

Racing suit





3) Underwear (Flame-resistant underwear)

Underwear class





4) Barakura bus (ski mask) (Flame-resistant Barakura bus)

Shoes Globe





5) Socks (Flame-resistant socks)

6) Racing Shoes (Flame-resistant shoes)

7) Racing glove (Flame-resistant glove)

8) Protection device for the head and neck (FHR system)






All your equipment must be certified by the world racing organization (JAF / FIA) certified, for safety.  When you have all this equipment you will have more confidence when you go to the race track for competition and you will be a lot safer just in case of an accident.