NA Rear frame end bar (DOSUKOI)

Ken Auto injects the know-how of motor sports and strengthens the rear body rigidity of the Miata・MX-5(Roadster)! I control torsion and the distortion of the body, and the effeteness is to regain suspension original accurate movement is distinguished with the use of the DOSUKOI. For more information please visit our website.






Mazda Miata line stamps from ken Auto Japan

line stamp.PNG

For all Mazda Miata fans, Ken Auto Japan has made 40 new LINE stamp for the Mazda Miata fans around the world. The LINE stamps are very interactive and each stamp portrays massage and tells what emotions that you feel. You can access the stamps through the QR code that’s posted at the bottom of the page. I do hope that you will enjoy these Mazda Miata stamps. Please share with your friends.

QR code.PNG



Kenauto Performance Rod Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Ken Auto original, 4th GENERATION NA-ND, T-shirt. The T-shirt is silhouette made with the four generation vertical designs, each generation have its own features and charming looks. The silhouette design is on the front and back, Ken Auto has designed the T-shirt with the owner’s love for the Mazda Miata, when they are wearing this special made T-shirt they would feel proud wearing the T-shirt with the Mazda Miata features. The T-shirt is made from 1oo% cotton, the wait is only 6 ounces, for now we only have two colors black and white, sizes are S-XL short and long sleeve. Ken Auto original 4th generation can be worn for any occasion. For more rinformation please visit our website