MX-5 Door latch dovetail performance race parts “TAIKAN “


MX-5 Dovetail door latch parts, Ken Auto original rigidity.
The dovetail door latch is called “Taikan” it is possible to feel the body “experience”, analogy that’s with the human, we are subjected to a “trunk” of the trunk training that has become commonplace. The dovetail door latch part is referred to as “Taikan”, it also means “experience can be. “It is the “human trunk” part which it is very difficult to forge in human beings, and is quiet, but thinks whether it is in transverses abdominal muscle and stomach bias line when I compare this dovetail door latch part “Taikan” to human muscle.
The dovetail door latch part “Taikan” installation position. It is the monologue of the roadster with the highest stiffness for exclusive use of a convertible consisting of the floor tunnel in addition to the side sill of right and left, but the human trunk part of the body to add it to this side sill rigidity, and to constitute with dovetail door latch parts “Taikan + door panel” bends and it is powerful and will support the load and twist lid.

Dovetail door latch part “Taikan” can be installed to the MX-5 NA and ND

• Steering response will get much better.
• You will feel a firm feeling that comes through from the sheet.
• You will begin to understand the difference in the movement of the foot circumference.
• The sound quality of the door speakers will improve and you will get much better sound quality.
• The deflection from the shock will improve on the road surface and when you drive over the manholes you will not get the vibrating sound. The dovetail door latch parts “Taikan” will improve the overall feeling of your MX-5.

※The commodity price contains a cushioning material fee and packing fee.



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